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Make an instant impact by pulling plastic from the ocean every month.

Sunset Boutique Membership

For only $13.95 per month, join Sunset Boutique in it's different missions towards conserving the ocean, beaches, and wildlife we all love. Plus, members receive exclusive discounts of getting products at cost or up to 85% off!


See what we're all about. Every contribution counts and is extremely appreciated. Once you join, you can cancel at any time. We're confident once you're a part of the crew, you're never going to want to leave!

Kilo Cleanup Crew Mission

Sunset Boutique has partnered with and Clean Miami Beach to pull one pound of plastic for every piece purchased. Our partnerships help fund plastic clearing initiatives world wide that extract plastic from our oceans, and create income for marginalized communities. Our impact is tracked through blockchain technologies meaning our impact is certified.

Every Purchase
Cleans Our Oceans

For every piece purchased, we pull one pound of trash from the ocean.
On a mission to

Save The
Sea Turtles

On a mission to

Defend the

Saving Marine Life

Every year, over 1 million sea turtles, dolphins, and other marine animals get entangled in pollution and ingest plastic causing them to die a slow and painful death through suffocation, starvation, or exhaustion. Do your part, and help make a difference to save these precious creatures.

Did you know,
99% of Sea Turtles die each year from plastic killing them from the inside out?

Turtles feel pain, suffering, and emotions just like humans. Many of us are responsible for polluting their habitat with plastics that can cause some species to nearly go extinct. Help save the sea turtles with a piece from our Sea Turtle's collection.

Dolphins need our help!
Dolphins are another animal affected by ocean pollution.

Just like sea turtles, dolphins also suffer at the expense of human's polluting our oceans. Dolphins often mistake plastics for prey, such as squid, and end up eating it. These plastics not only block their digestive system, but also contain dangerous chemicals that can be detrimental to their health. Through beach cleanups, we aim to eliminate these types of plastics from our oceans! Become a part of the cleanup crew now!